Greatness begins and ends with the way you think about the goal, your strategy, and yourself. I've coached thousands of clients and written numerous books to help individuals change their circumstances with a simple concept: that greatness is linked with your ability to construct thoughts that engage both your heart and mind to achieve any goal. I'm also founder and CEO of Attitones, a software company that produces products to train your subconscious mind.


You Can't ask customer What they want

..not if your goal is to find a breakthrough,because your customer have trouble imaging a breakthrough. Your ought to know what their problems, what they believe, what story they tell themselves, but it rarely pays to ask your customer to do your design work for you. so,if you can't ask, you can assert. you can look for clues, you can treat different people with differently, and you can make a leap. you can say, "Assuming you're the kind of person i made this for , here what's i made." The risk here is that many times, you will be wrong. but if you are not okay with that, you;re not going to create a breakthrough

-- By Julius Hendorson

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